Push Potion Essential Oil Roll-On


Bestseller! An affectionately named roller blend to assist with efficient contractions, helping Mama to relax into labour and manage the challenges around transition! A fabulous tool to apply topically or roll onto a handheld fan/washcloth to enjoy aromatically in labour. 

This beautiful blend smells absolutely divine thanks to:

•Wild Orange - an uplifting and invigorating smell, fabulous for a burst of energy 

•Clary Sage - to help with efficient contractions and to keep them going 

•Lavender - a powerhouse of an oil to help soothe, promote rest and relaxation and eliminate stress

•Bergamot - to help with achy muscle sensations 

•Fractionated Coconut Oil 

*NOTE: Clary Sage is NOT recommended before 37weeks gestation as it can possibly induce labour. If you are term (37w-42w) then this can be a wonderful supportive blend to help bring on labour naturally when the woman’s body is ripe and ready for labour to begin ❤️** 

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