HAN BG - Wedding Kit

$72.00 $120.00

Product Code: HANBG0001

Each Hannah Bergen Wedding Kit contains:

  • Vellum cover page with helpful hints
  • Three notebooks: Journal, Wedding, Guests and Gifts
  • Ten Heirloom Tags with archival-quality glassine pouches
  • 10 Heirloom Stickers
  • Grey Italian "" cotton ribbon
  • One pair gold Stork Scissors
  • One dark grey Le Pen
  • Three glass vials and tags
  • Two Jewelry Bags with Heirloom Tags

One of life"s greatest gifts is a love story. Beautifully designed, this elegant Hannah Bergen Wedding box holds everything needed to record and preserve wedding memories. Covered in lovely, soft grey textured paper, the 8"x10 ""x1 "" hinged box with custom sections for archival quality tags, books, pen and more, is a lasting way to create a personal collection of the mementos and stories of a wedding.

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