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Sweet Hot Corn Cheese Recipe Seasoning Card

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Sweet Hot Corn Cheese By Chef Deuki Hong. Pulverized Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (yes, really) take the already indulgent pairing of sweet white corn and melty mozzarella to a revelatory new level.
Spices in this Recipe Card: Gochugaru Chile, Chive, Parsley, and California Onion Powder

“For some reason, this is a favorite at my SF chicken joint Sunday Bird. Probably because it combines super sweet corn, salty-creamy mozzarella, and the final spicy-cheesy kick of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. With that many delicious things in one dish, it’s hard to go wrong.” -Deuki Hong

About Chef Deuki Hong: Deuki is a Korean-American chef who moved to the U.S. at the age of 1. Deuki was the Executive Chef of the smash-hit Baekjeong NYC in Manhattan’s Koreatown, and is also the co-author of the New York Times best seller, Koreatown: A Cookbook. In 2017, Deuki launched Sunday Hospitality Group in San Francisco, which has concepts such as Sunday Bird, Sunday Gather, and Sunday at the Museum inside the Asian Art Museum.

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