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Burger Au Poivre Recipe Seasoning Card

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BYOBeef (or any other protein!)This Recipe Card has everything you need to flavor up your burger, just bring your own protein. Beef is our favorite, but chicken, turkey, or any meat substitute all work too. If you’re into garnishes, try it with caramelized onions and Gruyere.

Burger Au Poivre: If a burger went to finishing school. Four unique peppers bring out a savory and slight fruity flavor that goes way beyond the traditional salt-and-pepper routine.

Spices in this Recipe Card: Green Pepper, Pink Pepper, White Pepper, and Tellicherry Black Pepper

Micro portions, macro flavor! Sealed in airtight, half-teaspoon portions, Occo’s pre-measured, super fresh spice pods make it easy—and way more delicious—to explore flavors and master recipes from around the world.

Occo spice pods are made from aluminum, the most recycled and most recyclable material on the planet. (75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today!) The rest of our product is made from paperboard which is easily recycled with paper and cardboard.To provide you with the freshest, most flavorful ingredients (and help dismantle centuries of systemic injustice within the spice trade), Occo taps into the transparent, sustainable supply chains of small-scale spice merchants that have spent years building relationships at the farm level.

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