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Colombian Coconut Buns Recipe Seasoning Card

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Colombian Coconut BunsBy Chef Adriana Urbina. Aromatic spices and a smoky, nutty flavor come together in these easy to bake buns. Perfectly chewy and delightfully dense, this is bread at its best.
Spices in this Recipe Card: Caraway, California Garlic Powder, Coriander, and Fennel Seed

"I’m obsessed with bread, and these buns are some of the best I’ve ever had. A very dear Colombian friend of mine used to bake these and share them with me at work. Words can’t express how much happiness they brought to my day.”-Adriana Urbina

About Chef Adriana Urbina: Adriana is a Venezuelan chef, entrepreneur and women’s advocate who believes cooking is a form of self-expression that elevates the human spirit and brings people together. She is the founder of Tepuy, a global series of pop-up dinners and virtual events. A three-time winner of Chopped, Adriana was previously Executive Chef at the James Beard-award winning NYC eatery De Maria.


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